Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Liquid Sunshine

On these winter days when the sun doesn't shine as much, or the gray winter weather comes around and stays for a few days, I love these oils! Frankincense and Ylang Ylang are my favorites of this trio (my MIL loves Joy the best). I use Frankincense almost daily and while the results are subtle over several days, I really notice a difference when I have skipped too many days!!

I started using Frankincense on my face daily this summer (after our third baby was born) and I felt so amazing!! I didn't realize it was the Frankincense until I forgot and got out of routine for about a week.  The day-to-day didn't feel quite as grand and it took me a few days to figure out what the difference was. I had a few-month-old, a newly potty trained 2 year old and a very busy 4 year old. Lots of times I would have 3 little people each needing me in a major way RIGHT NOW and ... wow. I made sure to get the Frankincense, and some days Ylang Ylang too, on myself as many days as I could!!!  I still use it and still love these even though life has tamed down a wee bit. :)

I like to use the Frankincense topically and put the Ylang Ylang on my forearms as perfume. Many people like to put a drop of Joy over their heart. :)  You could certainly diffuse these as well and fill your whole house with their amazing benefits! 

If you would like to get these oils for yourself, you can order a Premium Starter Kit here. Frankincense and Joy both come in the kit. Ylang Ylang is sold separately and there is a place to add additional products at the end of the process for getting the Premium Starter Kit.

As always, anyone that creates a wholesale account and orders a Premium Starter Kit receives a 450+ page Essential Oil Pocket Reference book from me as a welcome gift.

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